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Pen PicturesDeidre, one of our Guardians, says this:

“I just want to thank you for getting me involved in such a fantastic project at Leeds, with all those inspiring women! From a selfish point of view, it was just the right thing at the right time for me, and I really feel very privileged to be involved, after you have done the groundwork of setting it all up. Very exciting project, and I shall enjoy being part of it as it progresses.”

Exciting new direction for
Growing Points!
Dick Stockford explains…

Chair Dick Stockford talks about an exciting new development for Growing Points.

The Family Independence Initiative is a highly successful social mobility programme for groups of families in the United States, lifting families out of poverty and ensuring that they stay there. There are two criteria for the groups – poverty and ambition. Groups are self-selecting and work together to achieve the objectives which they agree themselves. Groups are incentivised through small stipends for ‘sticking with it’ and providing a data set on their progress; the whole process is very light touch but well audited. There are liaison workers whose role is not to intervene but to observe and audit decisions. FII’s values are similar to those of Growing Points – we both work with people who have aspiration and are self reliant and want to lift themselves out of poverty.

Take a look at the FII website here:


Growing Points recognises the valuable contribution that people from excluded communities wish to make.

Some of our clients are refugees who have qualified as doctors and nurses in their country of origin and we support them in their ambition to work in the NHS. We are working with NHS Trusts and Health Education England to enable this to happen at a time when there is a national shortage of skilled professionals in this country.

Across the country we have a wide range of professional people who are talented and well connected in all sorts of fields and we match them to refugees so they can support them to achieve their ambitions in many other fields.

The response in the UK to the plight of refugees, particularly from Syria, demonstrates that people want to help. Some people are meeting refugees’ immediate needs through the offer of food and clothing and others are offering accommodation.  We think that there are other  longer term ways to help. Why not offer your professional networks to our customers to help them achieve their ambitions in the UK?

We take referrals from organisations who have great experience of working with refugess for example the City of Sanctuary and we want to work with more of the same.

For more information please contact the Director, Jane Rennie, on 07809151595

Growing Points is a charity with ambition! Launched in 2013 we offer support to people from excluded communities to realise their ambitions.
Working with a variety of organisations we match our customers to people who have great networks which give them the opportunity to flourish.

Patrons:  Marina Lewycka  Lord Philip Hunt  Elisabeth Bayliss

Registered charity no: 1148487

Director: Jane Rennie 07809 151595   Chair: Dick Stockford

We need more Guardians!

We have had a lot of success in 2016 attracting brilliant Guardians who can share their networks with our customers.

Most are now working with 2 or 3 customers …so we need to recruit more!

We are looking for people with wide networks and a willingness to get our customers to the top; knocking on doors with a reasonable expectation that they will open; applying for opportunities with a reasonable chance of achieving them and meeting deal makers who can help deliver ambitions!

We are particularly looking for Guardians who are well networked into the Arts, fashion, Business (especially IT), small business start up and education at a tertiary level especially medicine and nursing.


If you are interested please contact Dick Stockford or Jane Rennie