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Nursing Times Workforce Summit awards 2018,
Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust:

Best diversity and inclusion practice FINALIST

We didn’t win but we’re very proud to be finalists!




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Growing Points
is a charity registered with the Charity Commission working across England and Wales.
Launched in 2013, we work very successfully with people from excluded communities to support them to realise their ambitions.
By excluded communities we mean anyone who lives on the margins of society and our customers include people recovering from mental illness, people with chronic health issues and people from a black or minority ethnic background.
We support a significant number of refugees.We have a three pronged approach to improving social mobility:

1. Growing Points

Since 2012 we have been working with individuals from excluded communities to improve social mobility. We work with organisations such as the City of Sanctuary who spot people with talent and ambition and refer them to us.
We match them up to our volunteers – we call them Guardians – who are well connected and well networked in all sorts of fields including education, health and social care; management consultancy and journalism.
Our Guardians work with them to achieve their ambitions by sharing their networks to find opportunities for growth and success in their chosen field.
We will continue to improve social mobility in this way on a one to one basis through
the use of great professional networks.

2. Hidden Talents

We have identified that there is a significant number of customers referred who wish to work in the NHS, particularly as nurses.
We are working with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust who offer apprenticeships as Clinical Support Workers, on a living wage.
Sometimes where a customer is suitably qualified they can be directly recruited as a clinical support worker without the need to undertake the apprenticeship.

Our Guardians support customers through the application process and for the duration
of the course to ensure their success.

We are always looking to roll out the Hidden Talents model with other Trusts who are willing to pay our customers a living wage while they are apprentices.

3. Flourishing Families

Using the tried and tested Family Independence Initiative model from the US – www.fii.org – we work with referral organisations to identify low income families who want to lift themselves out of poverty.

We facilitate access to three things which improve social mobility:
capital, choice and connections, which offer improved social mobility in the community.

We will work with Restart – www.restartrefugeesupport.org – who offer refugees interest loans subject to certain criteria.

This is being piloted in Leeds at present.


To contact Growing Points, please click here.

All referrals to Growing Points come through other organisations which identify
those people who they think will benefit from our input.

In return, Growing Points ask those who have used our services to let us have some feedback about how we have helped, and how we can improve what we do.

We ask for no recognition for our work, but wish to be informed if,
and how our contributions have been used to good effect.
We would in return ask recipients to either write or email to let us know
what the outcomes have been.

Growing Points neither expect nor require any religious affiliation
or link either of recipients or organisations.

Patrons:  Marina Lewycka  Lord Philip Hunt  Elisabeth Bayliss

Chair: Dick Stockford    Director: Tesfalem Yemane

Registered Charity No: 1148487

Website: www.growingpoints.co.uk