About us

Growing Points is a charity registered with the Charity Commission working across England and Wales.

Launched in 2013, we work very successfully with people from excluded communities to support them to realise their ambitions.

By excluded communities we mean anyone who lives on the margins of society and our customers include people recovering from mental illness, people with chronic health issues and people from a black or minority ethnic background.

We support a significant number of refugees.

We have a two pronged approach to improving social mobility, please click the links below to learn more:


Hidden Talents

The Pathways


To contact Growing Points, please click here.

All referrals to Growing Points come through other organisations which identify
those people who they think will benefit from our input.

In return, Growing Points ask those who have used our services to let us have some feedback about how we have helped, and how we can improve what we do.

We ask for no recognition for our work, but wish to be informed if,
and how our contributions have been used to good effect.
We would in return ask recipients to either write or email to let us know
what the outcomes have been.

Growing Points neither expect nor require any religious affiliation
or link either of recipients or organisations.


Growing Points goes National by growing Local!

Synopsis This describes how we can grow from a successful start-up to increase national coverage to customers with ambition working with reputable organizations and using an innovative method of managing our services through the work of volunteers.

We want to be in a position in 3 years’ time to make a substantial and sustainable offer using our innovative and well-regarded work, across the whole country.

We have a track record, a firm basis for expansion (STA agreement of the Board) and a proven offer which can network customers and their ambitious leadership roles wherever they are.

Our Vision: We aim to expand our offer to 3 new communities in U.K. and maintain our existing 2 with a major fundraising campaign

Our Mission: to help people from marginal communities achieve their ambitions. We believe this will make an important contribution to social mobility and inspirational leadership through our work.We feel confident that with the right support and development we can become a major provider of a quality offer to refugees and others from marginal communities.

Our Strategy; is to achieve our Vision by:

  • A major £100k fundraising effort
  • Identification of 3 new high priority need communities
  • Creating a strong infrastructure to deliver our vision
  • Dramatically improving social media presence
  • Working closely with partners in NHS, Education and Volorgs to deliver

Our Values: we want to create a less divided and more inclusive society by helping those at the margins move to the mainstream. We commit to being:

Ambitious: we believe in supporting the self-identified ambition of all our customers by networking them into successful opportunities.

Transparent: our systems and processes will be open to inspection and be compliant with best practice and legislation (we have a set of policies and are compliant with the law and governance).

Inclusive: we welcome ambitious people from all walks of life without prejudice. We will give the opportunity to grow and develop with us. Everyone has a contribution to make to our mission

Fair: we believe that, given the opportunity, everyone can grow and develop and do this at their own pace whatever their culture or background. We make allowances and are empathetic to the different background of people we help.

Determined: we are determined and ambitious in helping our customers achieve their objectives and overcoming obstacles that hinder them. We are always led by their ambitions

Our Plan to create a national service. We expect each community to, on average, have the following activity in any one year:+15 customers reaching their leadership ambition working with 12-15 Guardians one-to-one.20 apprentice nurses on an apprentice programme with the local teaching hospital with 10 Guardians. In 5 communities, this means 175 customers supported per year (60 currently)

Business Plan Objectives for 2020 (based on our Nation Offer agreed in 2016):

We aim to fund and build an infrastructure to deliver our National Offer by:

  • Running a fundraising campaign for £100k, through our Board sub-committee
  • Creating 3 new GP communities by identifying needs, local resources and volunteers
  • Appointing a National Director/CX and a Development Director to manage and grow our work
  • Creating a 5 year income stream to support our work in communities
  • Working with partners to achieve our vision
  • Developing and delivering the tools and support needed by our volunteers

Impact: We believe this will make an important contribution to social mobility and inspirational leadership through our work. We are confident that with the right support and development we can become a major provider of a quality offer to refugees and others from excluded communities.