Become an Associate


Become a Growing Points Associate

We hope Growing Points has inspired you to want to get involved with us, support what we are about, promote social mobility and support us to work with individuals one to one to achieve their ambition.

There are lots of ways you can be a Growing Point Associate

•    Let us know if you want to be a Guardian, or let us know people who could be.

•    Tell people what we do and why it’s important whenever it feels right to do so.

•    Tweet or write about us, talk to the media, link us to journalists.

•    Offer us a skill even if you don’t want to be a guardian or trustee; we need help evaluating what we do!

•    Use the donation form and/or help us organise fund raising events.

•    Introduce us to people who can help grow the network.

•    Help us know if we’re doing things other people are doing and we can learn from or work with them.

•    Remember us in your will!

If you think you can do any of these things then please contact us:

Via the website:

Via the Chair:

Via the Director: