Frequently asked Questions

  • How are people referred?
    • None of our referrals come directly from individuals; they are from organisations working with people likely to require our help.
    • All the referrals are managed by the Director who matches
      customers with a suitable Guardian.
  • Can I apply if I don’t live in England or Wales?
    • No. Our charity operates in England and Wales only.
  • I think I know someone who could do with help from Growing Points – could I refer them?
    • People have to be referred by another organization that is currently helping to meet their needs.  You could always ask them if the individual could be referred to Growing Points – and they probably will be.  This means it’s not possible to refer yourself either.
  • How do we decide to support?
    • All applications are seen and matched with a Guardian by the Director.
      This is done in complete confidence and by email to ensure we get a speedy response back to our referring agencies.
  • Can I get funding to pay my bills?
    • Growing Points provides top-up grants to people in order to help them with their leadership ambitions, so it’s unlikely we can provide this kind of funding.
      Growing Points has in the past paid some bills in order to allow people to take up training and other educational programmes, so it’s possible – please ask for more information.
  • Can I get my university bills paid?
    • Because you should be able to get your university fees paid by other organisations, this is unlikely. However, we are prepared to consider top-ups for university fees if you meet our other criteria, and for one-off items that you require for your education, such as books, software packages etc.
  • Where does your funding come from?
    • Currently, Growing Points is funded by voluntary contributions which are made as the result of the work undertaken by Strategic Positioning Ltd. In the future we will need to seek donations; if you’re interested in donating to us, we’d like to hear from you.
  • How much are your grants?
    • We tend to give small top-up grants to people and are quite happy to work with other organisations to boost grants or funding. It’s unlikely that our grants will be in excess of £1000.
  • What does “Excluded Communities” mean?
    • We define excluded communities as individuals and groups of people who are systematically blocked from opportunities and resources that are freely available to mainstream communities and are integral to social cohesion.
      This includes the right to housing, education, employment, healthcare, public engagement and democratic participation.
  • How are Guardians selected?
    • Guardians are all interviewed by at least two Trustees.
      We take up references and Guardians are subject to the DBS checks.
      All the Guardians are experienced people who understand how challenging
      it can sometimes be to get to the place you want to be.
  • How do Guardians get support and Supervision?
    • We have a system in place to offer individual support to Guardians and they have a Guardian Angel in their locality to whom they can go if they get stuck
      on an issue,  We also facilitate meetings where Guardians can get together and share knowledge and learning.
  • How is Growing Points Organised?
    • There is a small group of trustees who are legally accountable for running the charity. We have recruited Guardians to offer individual support to people.
  • Why do you need money?
    • To help people reach their ambitions for leadership with grants and support in kind the costs of: Guardians’ travel, supervision, hire of rooms, telephones, and the cost of our meetings of Trustees – whilst we endeavor to keep these to a minimum, they do add up.
  • What is your long term aim?
    • our long term aim is very ambitious; to make a real impact on social mobility in this country.
  • Where does the name Growing Points come from?
    • Although the name is taken from Quaker Faith and Practice: Advices and queries, Growing Points is not aligned to any religion and does not require or practice any religious adherence on behalf of the people we help.
  • Are you a Registered Charity?
    • Yes we are. Our registered charity number is: 1148487 and we became a Charity in 2012.