“Growing Points helps people stand on their own feet”

Beauty was referred to the Hidden Talents programme in 2016, and after impressing during her interview, she was directly confirmed to work as Clinical Support Worker with NHS Leeds Trust.
And thanks in no small part to the Trust’s career progression path, she will be joining university in June 2019. We sat down with her to discuss about her experience.

Excerpts follow:

Please tell us briefly about yourself and what you are doing currently.

My name is Beauty Edebor, and I am currently working with the NHS as a Clinical Support Worker.

What was your previous job?

Before my current job, I worked with different organizations and in different roles. First I worked with Urban House in Wakefield as a Kitchen Assistant. The Urban House is an initial accommodation centre for asylum seekers who are dispersed to the region by the Home Office. But I was always interested to pursue a career in the health sector where my passion is. I always wanted to challenge myself to learn and progress in this profession, and to achieve this, I decided to gain some experience in the care sector. And I applied for a Support Worker role with a local Care Home and was accepted. I worked in this role for two years and it was an enjoyable experience but there was no any prospect for career development plans (CDPs). My long-term dream is to qualify as a Nurse or Midwife but I could not see this happening through working in private Care Home providers. And I started looking for other opportunities with the possibly of training opportunities and career progression pathways. That is when I realised I can only achieve my dreams by joining the NHS.

Could you tell us about your involvement with Growing Points?

I came into contact with Growing Points in 2016 through a friend who volunteers for a local charity in Wakefield. She had information about joining the NHS through the Hidden Talents apprenticeship programme, and as she knew about my ambitions, she encouraged me to contact a local refugee organization for information and advice. I went to the drop-in session run by Wakefield City of Sanctuary and I was introduced to an adviser from RETAS Leeds. After conducting initial assessment, I was referred to the programme and here I am, working as a qualified Clinical Support Worker.

We also gather that you are an Associate of Growing Points.

….(laughs), yeah they made the decision to appoint me as an associate and I am proud to represent such an important charity. And I have already started disseminating the good works among my networks and friends and will continue to do so.

Please tell us of your experience of working in Private Care Homes and now with the NHS. What difference can you tell?

There is a big difference. Working with the NHS is more rewarding, both financially and morally, and there are clear policies and procedures in place whereas in private Care Homes things can sometimes be difficult. For example, the NHS has put in place, professional development and/or staff support plans. But in private Care Homes, that is not always the case and you feel you are left on your own and without clear career pathways. Also, the diverse nature of the NHS means you can learn a lot from different people with different background and expertise.

We are also glad to hear that you will be joining university. What are you going to study?

That is true. I will be joining Leeds Beckett University in June 2019 for a two-year course to do Nursing Associate. I am very excited indeed.

Finally, we would be grateful if you can suggest areas of improvement for our work.

There is always room for improvement in any work we do. When I attended the Growing Points meeting in November 2018, I noted that there were some technical challenges with the last 5th cohort. From my experience, I would like to reiterate that guardians, as they always do, should encourage the applicants as they go through the application process. Sometimes, they will need to be encouraged to put hard work to realize their dreams. Encourage them to do more exercise in Maths and English and interview skills. It would be also helpful if applicants can be provided with relevant resources and/or sites where they can access relevant materials and do more exercise.


Thank you. Is there anything else you would like to add?

I think you guys are doing a fantastic job and helping people become self-reliant and stand on their own feet. So keep up the good work.