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Hidden Talents Leeds –
information for referral agencies and customers

What is Hidden Talents in Leeds?

Leeds Hospitals offer apprenticeships for healthcare support workers at a living wage.
The training is explained in detail here:

Leeds NHS job profile video

Growing Points works with Leeds Hospitals on a project called Hidden Talents where we support our customers who want to work in the NHS in a caring role. Customers may apply to do an apprenticeship as a Clinical support worker as described in the video. If they are already appropriately qualified they may apply to be a clinical support worker directly.

Each customer is allocated a Guardian from Growing Points to assist with applications and support them through the process.

The Trust run two workshops which explain how the Trust works, what the apprenticeship entails and what the expectations are and how the recruitment process works. The Trust meets every applicant to ascertain their right to work and also to indicate whether customers should apply for an apprenticeship or a role as a clinical support worker.

Every customer will need to sit a test in Maths and English regardless of their qualifications. This test is designed to ascertain if customers could meet functional level 1 in English and Maths standards.

Every customer is guaranteed an interview so that they can experience what an interview is and get feedback on their performance whether or not they are successful.

When customers are successful their Guardian can support them as they are training or when they start on the wards if they have been successful in being directly recruited as a clinical support worker. If customers are not successful Guardians can support them in re-applying at a later date or signpost them to other opportunities.