Hidden Talents

The Hidden Talents programme is on hold – please do not refer customers for that programme until further notice.

What is Hidden Talents in Leeds?

Leeds NHS Trust offer a 15 month Clinical Support Worker Apprenticeship. To see the social mobility impact that this programme has, please watch our new film below:

Growing Points works with Leeds NHS Trust on a project called Hidden Talents where we support customers whose ambition it is to work in the NHS. Customers may apply to take the Apprenticeship where they will be paid a living wage or if they are already appropriately qualified they may apply to be a Clinical Support Worker directly.

Each customer is allocated a Guardian from Growing Points to assist with applications and support them through the process.

Every customer is guaranteed an interview and will get feedback on their performance if unsuccessful.

The Trust have a clear Life Long Learning path which means successful customers can in time apply for Apprentice Associate Nurse programmes followed by Nursing Apprenticeships to become an SRN.