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Press release September 2017:
2017 Health Service Journal Awards



Dick Stockford, Chair of Growing Points, walked from
Hull to Liverpool on 14 – 29 September in 2017 to raise funds for Growing Points…

Read Dick’s daily blog about his experience!


Another satisfied customer

Feedback from Tom* about his Guardian

I have found David incredibly supportive. The fact that he never stopped believing in me and guided me to opportunities that played to my strengths and talents has meant that I have ended up where I needed to be!

I am extremely grateful to have been referred to Growing Points from the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies Service I was accessing for cognitive behavioural therapy.

Having worked in the mental health field for over twenty years I can honestly say I have not come across anything quite like the Guardian mentoring approach that Growing Points provides.

Please extent my warmest thanks to all at Growing Points in bringing David and I together.

Kindest regards


•not his real name


The NHS Apprentice Programme is… everything!

To some of us, getting onto the NHS apprentice programme may not be such a great deal. But to someone who has faced years of rejection and discrimination as a refugee, it’s….. everything!
Please join us in our bid to offer self confidence and great outcomes through our Hidden Talents (and other) programmes to 2000 people from excluded communities nationwide, and train 400 more nurses a year for the NHS.
A good outcome for everyone!
Please donate, join us as a Guardian or contribute to one of the 20 Growing Points Communities we are setting up nationwide.

Calling you all you wannabe Spielbergs!
Growing Points knows that it’s pictures and people that tell our story the best.
So we’re delighted that a TV producer has offered us the use of their services (and a camera) for a weekend, to make and edit a short film.
But we need someone with some experience of film directing to pull this together, so if you have that experience, or would like to have a go, we want to hear from you…
To find out more, please contact Dick Stockford.
Further details can be found on this page: Calling all you wannabe Spielbergs.

The Brits helping refugees help Britain

Yehayes, 35, is one of eight women who have got jobs as apprentice or qualified healthcare assistants at Leeds teaching hospitals NHS trust with the help of the Hidden Talents programme. Photograph copyright Leeds NHS Trust

This is the headline from an article from the Guardian on 11 October that brings some much needed attention to the work being done in Britain to help refugees help themselves, and mentions our exciting project, Hidden Talents; an initiative that utilises the skills and ambition of refugees working in the NHS.

Read the full article here:
The Guardian: The Brits helping refugees help Britain – 11 October 2016

Hidden Talents!
Hidden Talents was successfully launched earlier this year – the first project of its kind in the UK – to work with the skills and ambitions of refugees in the NHS at a time when there is a national shortage of skilled health professionals in the UK.

We have been working in partnership with the Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust,
Health Education England (HEE) and City of Sanctuary (CofS) to recruit 7 women onto
an apprenticeship scheme for Clinical Support Workers. One other woman has been
recruited directly as a Clinical Support Worker at the Trust. The ultimate aim is for them to
train as nurses.

We are so proud of these women and are immensely grateful to Dean Royles and his
team at the Trust; Rose McCarthy at CoS and Mike Curtis at HEE for getting us to this

We hope to roll out this project with other NHS Trusts in 2017.


Growing Points recognises the valuable contribution that people from excluded communities wish to make.

Some of our clients are refugees who have qualified as doctors and nurses in their country of origin and we support them in their ambition to work in the NHS. We are working with NHS Trusts and Health Education England to enable this to happen at a time when there is a national shortage of skilled professionals in this country.

Across the country we have a wide range of professional people who are talented and well connected in all sorts of fields and we match them to refugees so they can support them to achieve their ambitions in many other fields.

The response in the UK to the plight of refugees, particularly from Syria, demonstrates that people want to help. Some people are meeting refugees’ immediate needs through the offer of food and clothing and others are offering accommodation.  We think that there are other  longer term ways to help. Why not offer your professional networks to our customers to help them achieve their ambitions in the UK?

We take referrals from organisations who have great experience of working with refugess for example the City of Sanctuary and we want to work with more of the same.