Newsletter December 2019

Brighton, Launch Event Participants

December 2019 Newsletter

Hidden Talents Cohort 7 News

Results: A huge congratulations to the candidates and their volunteer guardians for the job well done-you did it! All your hard work has paid off. In this cohort, thirteen candidates were shortlisted for interviews at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust, out of which eleven were successful. Eight candidates will do their apprenticeships, with four in Clinical Support Worker and the other four in Business Administration role. Furthermore, one candidate has been directly confirmed to Clinical Support Worker post without going through the apprenticeship programme. After further discussions with and advice from the Trust, the other two candidates have accepted different roles within the Trust. Congratulations to all applicants and their volunteer guardians, and a big thank you to Leeds NHS Trust, RETAS Leeds, Refugee Council and many other referral agencies who contributed to the success.


New Growing Points Community Launched in Brighton

In November 2019, Jane Rennie, a guardian and a member of the board of Trustees, organized ‘Growing Points Community’ launch event in Brighton. Jane talked about the work of Growing Points, collaborative works with partner and/or referral organizations and how our referral process works. Several people attended the launch event and expressed their interest to become guardians.

The Growing Points Community in Brighton is expected to provide services to people in Southeast Coast of the country. Please get in touch with Jane ( if you are interested in involving with Growing Points in Brighton.


Brighton, Launch Event Participants



We are very pleased to announce that we have received a generous donation of £2,159.22 from Emerald Publishing Company (£1,159.22) and an individual donor who wishes to remain anonymous (£1000.00). In early 2019, Emerald Publishing Company selected us for their ‘2019 Charity Spotlight’, supporting with promoting our work, recruiting guardians and networking. These latest donations, added with that of our guardian, Emma Storr, who has generously decided to donate all the proceedings of your Poetry Pamphlet sales, therefore set us off to an encouraging New Year and determined fundraising efforts in 2020.


Welcome to our new Guardians

We are also pleased to announce that we are joined by two new volunteer guardians. Amina Boukheloua and Laura Palmer are students at Leeds University. Welcome on board Amina and Laura.


On behalf of Growing Points, I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. May the year 2020 bring with it, peace and prosperity.


Tesfalem H. Yemane