We aim to release the potential of people pushed aside by our society but WE NEED YOU to identify people you are working with who have ambitions but need a helping hand. It is not what you know but who you know. Refer them to us and we will do the rest.

Please use the online referral form below.

Privacy Notice for Customers: GDPR
We collect the minimum amount of data we need in order to support you, i.e. your contact details, date of birth, and details of what you want to achieve when you work with us. We will only share your information with the Guardian who is going to work with you.
If they want to share it with anyone else you must give them permission to do this beforehand.

In exceptional circumstances, you can download the form as a pdf document to your computer. The pdf has editable fields so you can fill it in electronically. Please send your completed form (as an attachment) by email only to Jane Rennie,

Referral Form:


    Please complete this referral form with the person being referred

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    Are there any special circumstances Growing Points should be aware of?
    Please indicate for example whether the person would prefer a male or female Guardian, or their immigration status.

    What would the successful outcomes be?

    Please confirm by ticking this box that your organisation will continue to take responsibility for all other aspects of the needs of the person referred

    PLEASE NOTE: Growing Points will require the referring organisation to take responsibility for all other aspects of the needs of the person

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