We recently asked customers for views on our service. Here’s what some of them said:

“I would like to take the opportunity and thank you for supporting me and my husband since we were referred to Growing Points as refugees looking for Civil Engineering jobs in the UK.
During the time you helped us in many aspects:

Firstly, explaining the engineering jobs in the UK, their kinds and how to look for them.
Then you delivered professional CVs for us.
But more importantly you contacted a wide range of engineering companies in London.
As a result, I am working currently for a London company as I got an offer for three months contract.
We really appreciate your great support by Growing Points.”


“The programme was extremely benefits to me , I have meet amazing people who had boost my confidence , believe in me , take me to higher levels.
Without the programme I would not have a job.
By let us have guardians and incredible team that works so hard to ensure that we reach our potential level and do our level best. All I have to say is thank you for taking your time to organise and run this programme . Can’t imagine how I would have coped without all the information, knowledge and training I have received from Hidden Talents programme.
I would recommend the programme to everyone who have potential, caring and what to make a different in our community.
I have learnt and still learning a lot, this is a life changing opportunity I have got. Without a programme like this I would have live all my life in a vicious cycle of poverty…”


“You did well and personally I appreciate your initiative and most of the way you run the programme by providing us with guardians who supported us emotionally and physically. They gave their time and energy for us. Some came from outside of Leeds. It was amazing and we learned a lot about NHS specially the 5 values. For me I think there is nothing else that you could have done better because you achieved your goal. As proof, some of us have been successful and before us, some are already working as Clinical Support Workers. I would like to encourage you to go ahead with the Hidden Talents Programme because it is very useful for us and for NHS.  All together, we will do our best to practice the 5 values.”

“It’s really appreciated program for me because I couldn’t get any access to bring evidence of my qualification but this program helped me more personally about getting chance to be reassessed, and it’s helpful for everyone.”