The Pathways

Pathways is where we grew from and continues to be our chosen approach to helping individuals through social mobility:

We have powerful values that we hope you will share, we are non-judgemental, believe in the capacity of everyone to achieve their ambition and never let go.

Dick Stockford, Chair and Founder:

Our method is simple; we know that people from excluded communities want to make a difference and lack the networks to make progress. Our one-to-one Guardians share those networks help them become self-reliant and confident to make a real difference to their lives.

Sufyan was referred to us to help with his application to medical school and after many years and numerous applications including a meeting with Dame Carol Black, he has achieved his ambition with a place at Barts in London!

He says: The support Growing Points has provided has been remarkable. It’s been great to know that I’m an email away from tapping into a network of contacts – THANK YOU!